• K-CHAT & K-PAY

    As the core strategy, FHL plans to launch Augmented Reality based, messaging app combining with payment.
    Based on K-CHAT and K-PAY, FHL will plan to take the un-banked market in LATAM, and expand to O2O business
    Bithumb wallet and payment system is available to integrate with K-CHAT & Pay as the main currency

    “ADOPTING TECENT Business Model, then UPGRADE & LOCALIZE it for LATAM”

  • K-CHAT & PAY will be connecting FHL PRODUCT & SERVICE
    1. Messaging APP with social features
    2. Online & Mobile Payment
    3. Online Entertainment
    4. E-Commerce
    5. Games and Contetns (Music, Movie..etc)
    6. Offline shops (The HIVE)

  • K-CHAT & K-PAY unique features
    GPS based random matching for dating with personal Avatar
    GPS based AR leaflet system
    Gifticon distribution
    Coupon and leaflet wallet
    Available to use kaybo.com and the Hive with same account
    Payment and banking with cryptocurrency such as remittance
    Cryptocurrency mining